Monday, August 30, 2010

What is the Real Meaning of Friendship?

Friendship is a manifestation of our capacity to love and our need for social belonging. It describes a "mutual support" between or among individuals. After all, it is highly unlikely that a relationship is not common in terms of social support behavior can be considered a friend. Are mutually supportive and cooperative behavior is a key factor in the definition of what friendship is. Both parties should ideally keep the other in high esteem and affection for him or her. The reciprocal nature of friendship extends even beyond the esteem in which people have to each other.

Friendship means sharing and caring. An arbitrary known someone would talk every so often. You can even talk to that person without sharing much. When friendship is concerned, there is an exchange of memories, experiences, thoughts and feelings that are beyond a superficial level.

The mutual interest in the lives of others is another area of evidence. Some people use the word "friend" loosely. We can say that a particular friend is to have a good time with it, the other is support and a third is just my old friend. The flexible use of "friend" gives rise to a friend "good time" concept. Technically, it suggests that we can have friends without friendship!

Having a common interest in the lives of other shows that friendship is there, if the term "friend" is used to describe the other. The more common life interest develops, more of a friendship grow. Although their common interest is an activity or event or if there is almost nothing in common, a friendship can be developed under this growing interest in demonstrating mutual affection.

The concept of friendship is not static, but very fluid. The bond of friendship can be very weak, very strong or anything else. This means it is possible for a friendship to grow and some friends to be much closer than others. Friendships can weaken, break or be strengthened like any other type of link you have (emotional, physical or spiritual).

Friendship is not exclusive. By definition, this type of relationship can be experienced between two people or among many people. Whether a group of friends or different pairs of friends, sharing a friendship with someone who has no (or not) prevent you from sharing a friendship with another.

The social fact is that friendship is the key to all our relationships. It incorporates the fundamental principles that can be enlarged or reduced in other relationships. These are trust, honesty, affection and esteem. That friendships should be established and continually reaffirm the reality is that relationships take the development and effort. Knowing what is friendship and its effect helps us to establish appropriate and strengthen existing ones.


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