Monday, September 6, 2010

!!*!! Because I ♥ Y0ϋ !!*!!

I've been thinking of you today
of how we kiss in our special way
The warmth & the tingles that you bring
out of our love it springs

There's a special feeling in my heart
a desire never to fade or to be apart
a feeling granted from heaven above
a gift you gave me that's called love

I wonder is the moon full,
cause my feelings are unusual

so please come tell me,
what future do you see,

i need your love so bad,
you know you drive me mad,

every promise i have been told,
no one has yet to uphold,

I give you the crown,
hoping it will steal your frown

you steal my sadness,
regulates my every madness,

you're diamonds, i'm rust,
how i feel for you i must,

I heard your voice,
now i have no choice,

but to care deeply for you,
it's all i want to do!!!!


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