Friday, September 17, 2010

Falling in Love - Feel It

Falling in love at first sight is glorious when it happens because, for some inexplicable reason, it appears that long-term average ratio. Perhaps it is because we are willing to let love unfold gradually in such circumstances, instead of taxing our hopes and expectations. And, as the feelings tend to be both passionate and exciting, more of a motivation to see where it leads the attraction.

Some people say that love at first sight passed without question. Seems to imply that each of us is destined to fulfill this meeting that special someone has prepared for us from the moment in our life began, and that intense and primordial emotions will pay us to provide incontrovertible proof of this is our one and only true love.

If you understand the above explanation, you may have already guessed why we sometimes fall in love with someone at first sight, simply because we find a person who met many of our unconscious criteria.

For instance, if a man had dark skin and deeply loved his mother
, Then it is likely that their criteria are unaware that the girl should have white skin and that would be great if it had some feature that reminded him of his mother. Of course this is not simple, the criteria can be very complex and can be composed of numerous elements

A simple touch

Although it may be called love at first sight, touch can still play an important role in this event. You do not need much but a light touch may be enough to send a spark through another person. For women, which means a light touch on the arm or hand. Men can brush his arm or hand wash, for example when it is given a drink.

Love someone at first sight is possible, only that this kind of love can not be as deep as if you're already in the relationship and you know the person. Some even tend to correct the line, believing in love at first sight is a more appropriate description.

There are many couples whose relationship has started this way, but simple physical attraction
, However strong, is not sufficient in itself to provide a foundation for a lifelong relationship. This brings us to the real heart of the question "What is love" - what is what allows us to have a long term, even lifelong relationship with another human being?

Certainly, you can start with the attraction of love at first sight "type, or something like that intensity, but with some loving relationships
physical attraction is not the catalyst for the beginning of a life. But whatever the basis of a relationship begins - physical attraction or friendship or other circumstances - if the relationship is to continue and the individuals concerned are not to "fall out of love", they must find other charming personalities.

Experts say that falling in love at first sight has more to do with outward appearances or a particular facial feature. There is nothing scientific about it. Most of us have an image in our minds about how we would like our potential partners to look like, even detailing minor details such as hair color and eyes.


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