Thursday, September 16, 2010

My soulmate is my opposite. Can that be possible?

Absolutely. And doesn't it make life more interesting that way? When your qualities complement one another, there's more to learn. Take for instance a couple where one is an extrovert always looking for a reason to party, and the other one prefers to stay at home cuddling up in front of the television. They reach an understanding where they go out few nights a week stay home together for rest of the week. Each one has taught the other the importance of socializing and solitude, thus setting the balance.

Soulmates come in all shapes and sizes. And truly, one size doesn't fit all. When we learn to accept and appreciate our loved ones just as they are, with their strengths and their flaws we find a more peace and come a closer towards discovering the truest meaning of meeting your soulmate.


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