Thursday, September 16, 2010

I thought he was my soulmate. Then why did he leave me?

Many believe soulmates come for a reason and a season. Not every romance ends in wedding bells. And not every soulmate we meet is our romantic partner. But every soulmate comes to learn a lesson and something to teach our souls. One of the reasons he may have left could be because karmas were completed. He learnt what he needed to, or you learnt what you had to. Painful as it seems, some lessons may include letting go. Or most importantly learning to love unconditionally which is perhaps the greatest lesson we need to learn from our soulmates. If you can learn to love him whether or not he is in your life in a state of full acceptance you do evolve as a soul. And finally, soulmates do reappear in our lifetime. Sometimes we just know we are going to meet them again.


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