Friday, September 17, 2010

How to Live a Life Full of Love

Do you want to live a life that is full of love? Absolutely. Everyone. People are naturally inclined to want to feel and follow the love of his life. It's one of those things that we can not and must not try to avoid. To enable yourself to live without feeling like you're in a world full of love is to live without hope and live in fear.

Fear can be defined as living in a state without love.

When we understand the world around us is full of love and if there are actively searching for and being aware of it, we bring love into our lives like a flood. Unfortunately, many people live their lives feeling exactly the opposite. Just think of how many broken relationships would be averted and how many fewer drug users there would be if more people felt like the world around them was full of love and not only that, but as if weer feel worthy of that love.

The more love we feel for ourselves the more we attract the world which surrounds us. The wise old saying that you have to love yourself first is true. Knowing this truth and be prepared to encounter all that love and realizing that even if only small appearances in our lives is the key to feel that their life is full of love.

Know that you are worthy of love and that is around you. Be aware of your presence and you will see it appear even in the smallest of ways.


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