Friday, September 3, 2010

LOVE is Free as a Bird

Oh, yes, love is free as a bird," But all the same I am yours! And all the same I will dream Of your figure, all aflame!

The ravening strength of your fine hands, Your eyes saddened by betrayal Are all the madness of my vain passion, Are all my nights, Carmen!

Of you I will sing to the sky Of your voice I will sing! Like a priest, with the stars as witness, I will perform your rite of fire!

You will rise like a stormy wave In the river of my poems, And I will never wash my hands Of your perfume, Carmen...

And in the still of night, ablaze Like a momentary flame, I'll see the flash of your white teeth And your persistent face.

How I am haunted by the sweet hope That you, in a foreign land, That you will find a moment For secret thoughts of me.

Beyond life's storm, beyond the cares, Beyond the sorrow of all betrayals, - May this solemn thought arise, Simple and white, like a road, Like a long road, Carmen!


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