Friday, September 10, 2010

What Is LOVE ?

LOVE is when my mom comes to me at night & say “ Beta, I LOVE you”

LOVE is when I come back from work & papa says
“Beta, late hone wali thi to call kar deti ?

LOVE is when my bhabhi say, “oye honey, Koi ladka wadka pasand aaya ke nahi ?

LOVE is when my sister say, “Didi, aapki shadi ke baad mujhse jagda kon karega ?

LOVE is when I'm moodless & my brother says, “chal kahin ghumne chalte hai "

LOVE is when my best friends call me & say, “tere bina dil nhi lagta "

That’s LOVE…

Don’t miss it in life... I LOVE my family & friends…

LOVE is not only having girlfriend Or boy friend.

This LOVE is better than having GF aur BF…!!!!

Kyun Sahi Kaha Na ?????


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