Friday, September 24, 2010

You Asked me Once..

Why are the skies clearer?
Why are the stars nearer?
What makes blue of the sea,
Blue when I am looking at you....

I did not have to look at you to make the stars seems nearer.
All I have to do is think of you.
The sun became brighter without additional heat.
The dama - de - noche’s perfume seems more intense;
The sea was bright blue whenever I caught a glimpse of you.

The caress of the seawater on the seashore,
Just like your kiss to my vying love.
You asked me once how much do I love you?
I may say that your question is so tricky'
Because my love cannot be measured.
With any degree of accuracy....

Do I sound extremely bitter?
Yes, I am very bitter against fate.
Could you think of something that would make things better?
We mortals are, but helpless pawns in the hands of fate.

Come hell or high water.... I do love you ....
Forever & ever & ever....


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